Seminars & Workshops

About the perfect health

Learning to deprogram and clear the illness at a molecular level, cellular level and others. Remembering how to co-create the perfect health. Stopping the premature deterioration. New communication paradigm between spirit-biology.

About who we are

How we co-create our lessons? Our energy biology and system. The mother/father ancestral legacy, learning to release the inadequate and transform our reality. The family and the karmic ties.Tools for the catalysis of karma, exercises of transformation and transmutation. Remembering how to align, balance, integrate and calibrate our bodies.

About love and the couple

Releasing restrictions and bad experiences. Breaking love contracts and promises from the past and the old energy. Exercise and work about releasing karmic, personal and family debts. Co-creating happiness in love, free of inadequate karma.

About abundance and work

Releasing economic restrictions and releasing what is not letting us attract abundance in life. Learning how to focus on the restrictions and the draining of the flow of money. The importance of loving what we do and doing with love what we are doing.
Co creating our perfect job. Remembering how to reconnect with our Divine Mission.

The co-creation

Work on pure intention and will How do we co- create our reality. Our contracts and our co-creations. Centered in the now and here. Awakening to the connection with mother earth, the advantages of being unrooted and different ways of rooting.

The Magic Healing of the Angels – A Series of Eleven Gatherings

This is an Angelical course of radiesthesia intended to release personal karma and provide healing.

What You Receive

The goal of this course is to remember how to use the Healing Magic of the Angels, so you will go through a transformation and purification process to increase your vibration level.
magiaangelica Through these gatherings we release those things from our past and our present that are inadequate and useless. These cover each dimension and all directions.

  • We heal the four lower bodies – physical, emotional, mental and etherical and bring forth and enhance our inner wisdom.
  • Through Angelical radiesthesia we determine the issues needing resolution, the cause and effect, and solutions.
  • We move into a new communication paradigm between mind, body and spirit.
  • We deprogram illness from our body and from our belief system stopping premature deterioration.
  • Use the power of “the logos”, the vibration of words and thoughts to center the body and balancing the energy systems.
  • Achieve knowledge and understanding of the twelve solar rays and the Archangels.
  • Allowing you to understand why we are here, and why certain lessons are necessary.


Designed to coordinate with the world magic number, this series consists of eleven weekly meetings.


  1. How to make and consecrate a pendulum.
  2. Using the pendulum. Learning the 7 solar rays, Archangels, properties and virtues.
  3. Assessing the 4 lower bodies.
  4. Relationship between karma and health.Mind-body-spirit connection
  5. Pinpointing behavior patterns, trap images, discourses and others (diagnostic)
  6. The process of transmuting, tools and practice. Sealing the bodies.
  7. Living in the present moment
  8. Archetypes, fears, thought forms circles. How to take our bodies to perfection.
  9. Healing with colors, sounds and energy.
  10. Co-creation: the process.
  11. Consecrate of the Angelical channel.

I welcome your joining us for this very special opportunity to honor yourself and move to a higher vibration and consciousness.I am available to give you more information and assist you…

God bless you Namaste.
Carol Perry
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