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Amanda Mayen: Energy Balancer and Daily Prayers CD
The Energy Balancer is a little miracle from heaven. You can actually feel how it purifies and cleanses from the inside out. After using it every morning for a week, I felt more relaxed, more together, and as though jagged pieces of my life were finally falling into place. I especially love the subtle brand new energy of a room after I’ve left this wonderful device on for hours. 2 – Amanda Mayen: Daily Prayers Meditation CD The daily prayers contained in Carol’s CD’s will lift your spirits if you practice with a sincere heart. I’ve seen big and little miracles ever since I began aligning myself with my own intuitive powers and with the magic behind Carol’s soothing voice. The CD’s are enabling me to heal myself and to radiate that love to others. Amanda Mayen Los Angeles California
Bettina Guinle: Carol's Self-Healing Journey
I have always known Carol. We have shared important events in both our lives since we became friends. She has been an example to me and has changed my life. Carol has been through some very difficult times around her health. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and went through a bone marrow transplant. This process brought a lot of fear to me. I was afraid of her losing her life. After the transplant, she experienced a stroke and then brain surgery. It has been amazing to witness Carols healing journey. She has always affirmed that she is healthy and has the ability to heal herself. She has a will to survive and desire to recover. All along her healing journey although she will always affirm she was healthy and had something to heal. My belief is that she was spiritually healthy and it was her immense inner strength that helped her to cure. Through all these challenges, she began a spiritual journey where she not only she healed herself but also now heals others. She shares knowledge and wisdom energy to all who surround her. Speaking personally, I can say that Carol has had healed me from many different pains and wounds and even performed a Karma healing. She shares and transmits all her wisdom and healing tools so others can self-heal. She has awakened within me the appropriate emotions needed to re-shape and move forward with my life. In person, Carol exudes a vibration that can be felt just by being next to her. It feels comfortable and peaceful being in her presence. Carol is to me a great example of how we can heal ourselves and choose a better way of life. A psychologist friend of mine had a healing session with Carol to learn how to heal pain and sorrow. She was amazed and impressed that after Carols stroke there are no traces of pain or sorrow or scars of her journey in her face. Only someone with such spirituality can make it through such experience and create a fulfilling, happy life. I firmly believe Carol has done the spiritual work that has helped her to achieve perfect health and live the life she desires. Bettina Guinle Insurance Advisor Argentina
Carola Martinez: Energy Equalizer
I met Carol thru my present job. As soon as I spoke to her I could tell she was different. Her voice was sweet and comforting. We soon became friends she invited me over to show be her work. She showed me the “Energetic Equalizer” she had been working on this project for some time. As she passed the equalizer thru my body I really did not feel anything until a few minutes later. I began to feel hope. Hope that my situation would get better. Hope that even if it did not get better it was okay. I felt happy liberated from some of my fears, and I say some because cleansing of your aura is a process it cannot be accomplished in one section. I Thank God for putting Carol in my path. Carola Martinez California
Caro Tiscornia: Energy Balancer
My daughter had scarlet fever last year. She was three whole days in bed, sleeping almost all day, with no energy, not even to eat. It scared me a bit to see her so isolated and weak. On the third day, my mother brought the energy balancer. She ran it through my daughter´s body and after some minutes she woke up saying she was hungry! She ate three toasts with honey and was very lively, starting to be the usual girl she was! Caro Tiscornia Monte Grande Prov. de Buenos Aires Argentina
Carolina Tiscornia: Energy Balancer, Healing Power
I met Carol through my mother. Every time I have needed her, Carol has always been open to help me, with an amazing ability to transform and improve my energy! I have lived in Barcelona for eight years and every time I have been to my hometown -Argentina- on holidays, it has been hard for me to have a good time. In general, I have always felt overwhelmed with so many social commitments, all my emotions getting uncontrolled and I end up feeling frustrated and not being able to enjoy anything. Of course, this situation has always been followed by a strong guilt which makes me get into a destructive vicious circle. On my last holidays to Argentina, Carol recommended me the Energy Balancer. What convinced me the most to trying it was a day when I had a stressful family event. I thought that, once more, I would have a bad time, I would be anxious and very stressed, but I was not! Instead, I felt calm, open, conscious, and I was enjoying that moment.I did not recognize myself!. It was clear: I was at a higher vibration level thanks to the healing session I received. Carolina Tiscornia Buenos Aires Barcelona
Connie: Healing Water
Hi Carol, I want to thank you and your connection to God for the clearing water that you created. You are so gifted and are an amazing child of God. The water has such purifying effect on the skin after applying. It is refreshing to have the water clear and moisten the flesh. It awakens the pores and helps wash away toxins. I used it every day and my skin felt softer and renewed. I want everyone to know what they will receive from this special water. Thank you so much for the love, light, and energy that this water possesses. Thank you for inspiring me, and the healings that we have shared together. You have touched my life with love, light and care. You have so much to offer others. It is an honor to share my life with you on our journey together. You are truly a treasure and blessing in my life. Your dearest friend Connie, Lady Light Ohio
Connie Herkenhoff: EMF Balancing, Karma Healing, Getting Younger
I wanted to get younger. So I had an angelic reading Nov. 2001. I ask the God to create a Miracle for me so I could get younger. My husband got sick and drained all the energy out of me. I wanted to get young again. God told me through an Angelic reading that I did not need a miracle. Science has proven that anyone can get younger. The Angelic Beings told me to contact Carol Perry. Carol gave me four phases of EMF Balancing to help me get younger. Carol lives in California and I live in Ohio. Carol does wonderful work over the phone. We did all four EMF Technique healing treatments over the phone. The healings released old programming patterns from my childhood. This was a quantum leap in my life. I look younger. She also does Karma readings over the phone. Carol has helped me release so much of my childhood traumas. She gets to the core of the issue and work to get rid of the pain and the old programming patterns. This allows me to have more love, abundance, joy and excitement in my life. Carol teaches me love, vibration and shares the tools with me so I do not become dependent on her. She is always learning and evolving rising to the next level using the tools and techniques to help me heal, love and accept myself as a child of God. Connie Herkenhoff Natural Health Consultant Licenced Massage Therapist Clinic Nutrition Minster, Ohio 45865
Cristina Elsa Borghetti: Daily Prayers CD, Abundance Seminar
Is my wish that everyone who reads this testimony feels the Divine presence of God within and allows their spiritual evolution. I met Carol Perry on August 12th, 2006. I was among 80 participants at a seminar she gave in Cordoba, Argentina. In prior months, I had been experiencing pain in the back of my spine and was open to new wisdom and unconventional solutions. After the seminar, my pain disappeared! (I did not realize it, but I believe that my Divinity had guided me to that seminar.) Four months later, my beloved husband passed away. Carol called unexpectedly that same day and helped me connect with the higher light and forces so I could dissolve the anger, pain, and anxiety within my heart. She helped me to find the strength to face all the changes yet to come. I am so grateful to Carol for being present in my life during my difficult period, for opening my mind to new wisdom, for seeing life with more clarity and also for connecting me with wonderful people. With her alignments she has touched my everyday life, which now unfolds with harmony and balance. I perform her recommended exercises with the help of her CDs in the morning or evenings along with the pictures and papers she has provided. Many are the events that connect us with our Higher Self! Mine is just a brief testimony. If one knows how to watch, one can see a universe of energy moving and synchronizing with one thought form. Cristina Elsa Borghetti Ciudad de Córdoba Argentina
Daniela Ardalla: Daily Prayers Meditation CD
Carol helped me understand the healing power that lives within me. She’s an awaken being and she has plenty of love and light to share. After practicing her guided meditations I feel much more connected to the life force!. Daniela Ardalla Yoga instructor Los Angeles, CA
Diana Hanna: Healing Parties and Circles, Family Karma Healing
I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the Group Healing you practiced in my house to all my friends. I still cherish the feeling within me. All my friends (a total of 17) plus you and me were at that night gathering. Many of them had had traumatic experiences and that is why I invited them to meet you as a Healer Teacher and you performed a Magical Healing infusing all of us with love and clarity. I also want to give testimony of the karmic family group healing you gave us in your studio. After the karmic release healing session, all the family members felt release and experienced being in an angelic home receiving an inner-communication out of this world. Thank you again for everything!!! May a lot of people find you and experience the joy you bring forth. Diana Hanna
Dhalia Frydman: Healing Power, Daily Prayers CDS
For over 5 years now I have sought the assistance of healers in the journey of my son, which opened the door for my own path to healing to begin. We have worked with dozens of people around the country in a multitude of modalities. Carol is in a class of her own, I find her that clarity and light shine through so powerfully. She has a way of focusing in on the heart of the matter very quickly and then lovingly offering you an insight that makes all the difference. I find her vibration holds me and even bridges me: from where I sit in confusion- to a place of deeper understanding and healing. I purchased Carols energy CDs and LOVE them! I listen to them almost daily and even when I am rushed, they always help me to so beautifully connect and find my center. The exercises are each very unique and Carols voice is so soothing to hear. If I skip a day I find I really miss it. Dhalia Frydman Los Angeles
Eduardo Alarcon: Magic Healing of Angels Course, Karma Healing
Carol showed me a door that I always knew existed, but never really knew how to open. Through Carol’s healing sessions and teachings. I have learned how to connect with my Higher Self, my Divine Spiritual beings and I have learned how balance and heal my multidimensional Self with the assistance of the Angelic Realm. I truly recommend Carols work to anyone who is interested in spiritual enlightenment and in the ascension process. Eduardo Alarcon Miami, FL
Lic. Grace Pisciottano: About Carol's Self-Healing Journey
Carol and I became very good friends since year 1995 and we have shared together many moments of intense emotional impact. I may tell you information about things only Carol and I have shared together and she did not mentioned them before. I met Carol at her Glory, she was always an attractive woman always center of attention. She had everything, yes, everything beauty: professional successfulness health, lots of friends who love her and projects. Until one day, just another day I went with her to a Doctor appointment for some tests and in that same day she was diagnosed with L.M.C. Leukemia diagnosed just at early stage. I got desperate and at that time did not know much what to do. I recall in my mind those images and all I can remember is her strength, her passion for life, her courage and her standing in life. I felt myself useless moreover it was her who comforted me. I was watching her driving right after she was diagnosed and all I could say was: you are going to live because you have a happy life and I know you will fight to preserve it. After this else can I say. She amazed me and continuous to do so, her faith, her strength, her will to live. She showed me the power is within ourselves: everything we want we can achieve if we have the pure intent to do so. She resisted, she healed herself, she made it happen, she is my model of strength, she always knows where the way is. Those first years of our friendship had bonded us and changed our lives forever. Since then I have been witnessing her growing in her spiritual path and she strongly impacted my life and my children life as well. Carol was able to transform her life and knows how to guide others to do so too. Carol, I want to tell you that for me you represent Peace, light, and courage. Lic. Grace Pisciottano Creadora de la institución U.N.I.D.
Isadora R. Brillaud: Daily Prayers CD, Karma Healing
Since the day I met Carol, she has always shared her wisdom, knowledge and has given me lots of love. My ex husband and I had never had a good relationship. He won custody of our daughter and has always tried to separate me from her. This creates a lot of pain, sorrow and guilt for me. When I learned that he was taking our daughter out of the country, he would not permit me to go to the airport to say goodbye or even provide a phone number where she could be reached. I was emotionally devastated. I called Carol for help and she totally shook my world! She explained karma and the mechanism of creating our lessons. She showed me the discourse of my own helpless attitude and gave me her Spanish CD (as a gift!) so that I could work on my karma. I also received directions in using the CDs to heal the relationship with my ex. I followed her direction and suggestions and got immediately results. It was amazing! The following day, not only did my ex allow me to go to the airport; the three of us even had lunch together at the airport! My daughter received the gift of seeing us at peace and in harmony. Her happiness touched my heart. Carol, thank you for being my Master, my Teacher, and for helping me to remember. I always carry your CD with me and am forever appreciative for your help. Isadora R. Brillaud Redondo Beach California
Kele Dooley: Gifted Healer
I want to let everyone know how amazing the Energy Balancer is and Carol Perry. She is one of the most loving, caring, and gifted healers that I have ever met. What she has created is one of the most powerful devices I have ever experienced. I use the balancer constantly, at home, on the body, and I always take it with me when I travel. Anytime that I am hurting or not feeling good or even feel that I am not grounded it takes care of all situations. I also sleep with it under my bed every night. I found that the more I use it the more it keeps me into a higher vibration level and all that I manifest comes into place. I am honored to know and work with Carol. She is truly a beautiful multi-dimensional goddess. Kele Dooley Newport Beach, California
Kele Marcus: Clearing Water
This water provides protection from negative entities and negative energies from the lowest level up to the highest dimensions. It provides protection for our spiritual endeavors. I use the spray every day for my home, office, when I travel, in doing healings and for myself. It is a blessing for any area. Kele Marcus Huntington Beach, CA
Kitty Kartiala: Healer, Teacher
Carol Perry is a very talented healer and facilitator who uses her God given gifts to help others transform their lives into Love and Joy. With her channeling abilities, that are very clear, she can help bring forth messages to the seeker to help unravel issues that are to be cleared and healed back into the highest of Light of Love. Carol is a great teacher in helping people evolve forward on their path of life. Kitty Kartiala Life Coach, Channel and Healer
Kathleen Reynolds: Daily Prayers Meditation CD'S, Healer, Teacher
Thank you so much for your CD’s. I use them daily to bring me back to balance and serenity, no matter my state of mind. They are an amazing and valuable tool in my life and I am so grateful for your healing in my life. Love, Kathleen Reynolds
Kurt Krueger: Energy Healer
Carol Perry’s miracle light force has worked with pain and discomfort for me in an unbelievable manner. The first trial that I gave it was lower back pain, pain was gone in less than an hour. Then I had a toothache. I used it and then went to the dentist to find that decay had exposed the nerve. The pain disappears – again – within an hour. I plan on exploring more uses of it…not just pain. The first time that I used it through the night beneath me, I experienced dreams again – after so many years of seldom dreaming. I am still experimenting with it for more uses. Thanks for your healing and creative energies. You are a blessing, as is your “device”. Kurt Krueger M.S. Ed., NBCT
Ligia M. Diana: Energy Balancer
I want to let everyone know how amazing the Energy Balancer is and Carol Perry. She is one of the most loving, caring, and gifted healers that I have ever met. What she has created is one of the most powerful devices I have ever experienced. I use the balancer constantly, at home, on the body, and I always take it with me when I travel. Anytime that I am hurting or not feeling good or even feel that I am not grounded it takes care of all situations. I also sleep with it under my bed every night. I found that the more I use it the more it keeps me into a higher vibration level and all that I manifest comes into place. I am honored to know and work with Carol. She is truly a beautiful multi-dimensional goddess. Kele Dooley Newport Beach, California
Ligia M. Diana: Magic Healing of the Angels Course, Karma Healing
My journey with Carol began in the spring of 2005 when a friend of mine told me she was going to a seminar about Self-Healing and Conscious Awakening using the energy of the Angels and Archangels. It was the strangest thing; my friend showed me the paper just to share what she was doing that evening, but in no way inviting me to join her. Something in my heart and in my soul told me I had to go to this seminar, and I decided right there and then that I was going to, and so I did. My instinct did not fail me. The seminar was composed of four sessions that guided the participants in understanding who we are, why we have come here, how do we create our own lessons and our own karma and how to transmute it. We also learned about the karmic and spiritual legacy passed on to us by our ancestors, society and the community at large. The best part for me was always at the end of each session when Carol guided us in a healing exercise, that touched different aspects of our lives and our beings. Those exercises started to make profound changes in my life and most of all in my outlook on life. When the seminar was finished, I was hungry for more. Since Carol is certified in the Electro Magnetic Field Balancing Technique (EMF) I had several sessions with her which helped me release even more stuff that I had been carrying with me for so long! It also empowered me to start living from a different perspective, a loving one, a joyous one, a peaceful one and it showed me that I and everybody else have all the necessary tools inside of us, not outside (please do not look outside yourself for anything) to accomplish whatever changes we want in our lives, to set our spirits free. Right now, I am in the middle of a glorious 11 week seminar that teaches us about the Magic Healing of the Angels, the use of the pendulum, the understanding of how angels, guides, and masters come to help us throughout our lives, that we are never alone. We always have Higher Help, from God and all His Messengers. I have started to materialize my own abilities to read into peoples energies and how to do so in a way that does not affect me and at the same time it helps me and others. When you raise your own vibration, you raise the vibration of those around you, it is a given. In conclusion, I can only tell you that all of my experiences with Carol have been extremely positive and liberating, and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow spiritually to check out her group and individual sessions, in her own words: It is magic. Ligia M. Diana Los Angeles California
Lenka W.: Healing anxiety, shifting reality
“Meeting with Carol was absolutely magical. Her wisdom, love, and kindness were almost tangible. I felt an immediate connection. Without knowing me personally or seeing me before she managed to relieve my anxiety and restore my inner calmness. It felt amazing – like a heavy weight dropped off of me. Long after I left her house I kept smiling and I noticed that this new amazing energy attracted many smiling people back to me. I am a personal health & nutrition coach and part of my job is to promote my services to people. Typically it’s me who comes up to them and starts the conversation. This time, however, total strangers were approaching me and asking me about what I do. Very Magical. I’m grateful.” Lenka Wallace Los Angeles California
Lorna Rayos, California: Healing
As soon as Carol opened her door I knew she was a Healer. As soon as she saw me, she knew where my blockages were and immediately started working on me.

My intention of going to her house was to meet a group of Women and that’s it. As soon as I entered her home, I felt clear, at peace and balanced. I used her double Energy Balancer during the evening – on my chest, on my feminine organs, my stomach…the next day I had a period! I don’t ever get periods unless I take birth control pills!

Carol is a very powerful Woman with feminine grace and beauty. A couple weeks later I scheduled my first healing session with her. With the techniques/prayers/meditations that she gave me, I was able to bring happiness around me and manifest my dream job which allows me to utilize all of my talents in an environment with high standards, creativity and fun. I’m very grateful to have met Carol and so lucky to have her as a friend.

She is love and light – an Angel, a Goddess and I love her very much!

Lorna R.
Luz Alvarez Roldan: Seminars, Workshops, Wedding Ceremony
Dear Rev. Carol Obviously I cannot use words to describe the changes in my life since I met you. People in my daily life have observed changes in me.I am happy and grateful as I re-meet and re-recognize others as I go through my existence. Your workshops have helped me to remember and to get closer to my Divine Essence as a Light worker and help those who come to me for help. On December 16, 2006, you lovingly performed my wedding ceremony as Reverend Carol. You married us in a beautiful and meaningful ceremony blessed by God! During the ceremony, both my husband and I received healing and opened up to Love. I feel honored because you are my Teacher, Master, Guide, and my friend! Luz Alvarez Roldan Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariana Martinez: Energy Healer
Through very tough times I was not able to achieve what I wanted and was sad and depressed. I started going to therapy and my physiologist talked to me about Carol Perry and played her Daily Prayers Meditation CD for me. I found her Website and wrote her, thinking she was not going to take the time to answer, and I was wrong. To my surprise she answered me almost immediately writing back from USA and from that moment my life started shifting. We started communicating through mail. I was sharing with her all my problems and conflicts and she would calm me by responding with a lot of love. One day I called her and that was a magic moment for I started feeling so much wellness as if I was in heaven on earth. We spoke for quite a while and she mentioned the Energy Balancer and sent me information about this healing tool. After reading all what she sent I got back to her and we started networking for her friend, Beatriz to come to Cordoba to give healings and demonstrate how to use it. That happened on Sunday morning in May 31st and after that gathering my life shifted 180 degrees, that same afternoon I met the guy I am dating. Every one around me keeps telling me how radiant and different I look! I started experiencing happiness, and lots of new friends. I started growing at work and most of conflicts, relationships and situations started to dissolve. The family relationship was tense and shifted to harmony and love. I experience a sense of peace, love, happiness and freedom and am totally at peace with the shifting process. Every time I need help, Carol is right there for me. I send her mails, not only she responds to them she also calls me when I am feeling nervous. Carol, I want to thank you for being part of my journey and for creating the Energy Balancer. I love you very much, God bless you! Mariana Martinez Cordoba, Argentina
Marisela Cortes: Teacher Healer, Biology CD, Couple Healing
I was blessed to meet Carol Perry in December of 2009 while accompanying two of my family members who were in desperate need of her guidance, to start a new spiritual path of light, truth and love! I am proud to say that I witnessed a significant change and achievement in my familys heart and in their life. I started practicing Carols alignments and biology in the form of CD listening with my heart, putting my true intention to connect with my divinity and to experience a one-of-a-kind labor! Four months after I had delivery of my baby which lasted only two hours, with a lot less pain than with my first baby; it was very peaceful, quick and without drugs! One day I made a phone call to Carol seeking for emotional balance while going through the hardest phase in my relationship with my husband; she immediately indulged me with her love, high energy and wisdom to bring me at peace, thereafter I received some of her divine tools in the mail; like the CD of Love Chants, immediately started practicing it and right after the first time of connecting, I received courage, love, peace and a new vision to continue with my path from the side of light and hope! The transition was smoother; I was guided to bring independence to my matrimony, to love myself and live a happier life by eliminating all the stress, false images, and to liberate myself from the energy that did not belong to me. My husband and I received a healing from Carol where we felt connected once again, only from the light and true love! She gave us tools to stay in this elevated energy. I truly look forward to continue growing in this path of light and love by staying in contact with God and his realm of angels and I thank them for putting Carol in my path! Thank you Carol for impacting my life with your love, high energy, and all you have taught me! Love, Marisela! Me gustaría que estuviera en el CD de biología en Ingles. Marisela Cortes Mexico, California
Mark Bass: Daily Prayers Centering, Neck Injury Healing
I’ve known Carol Perry for just over two years, and from the very start she has had a significant impact in my daily meditation/centering practices. And although there have been a number of instances of transformation and healing, the simplest way to speak to her work is to tell a small story. I am a cyclist and was injured during training for distance cycling tours. The injury was a near lock-up of the muscles from the left side of my neck, through the shoulder blade, and down my arm. The pain was intense as the muscles pinched the nerve, and my entire back was affected as my body struggled to compensate. At a touch and a prayer with Carol I saw my luminous body, and certain dark elements, of which several were dissipated. I felt a shifting; opening and balancing across my back, and immediately felt relief from the pain. I had been receiving massage/reflexology therapy, and at my next appointment, all of my energy channels were open and for the first time there was none of the pain and soreness in my feet. My neck and back were unwound, and my therapist was able to get to the root of the problem, several muscles that connect to the shoulder, which had sustained injury and are now on the mend. In the opinion of my therapist, Carol did weeks and weeks of work in the space of three minutes. And my therapist is now in touch with Carol for her own work. I am still in the early stages of recognizing and engaging in energy practice, and I am sure there is much more to Carols work than I can see. But from what I do see, I would recommend anyone interested in energy work to contact Carol! Mark Bass CFO, Residential Construction Company
Paola Acosta: EMF Balancing Technique
My name is Paola Acosta.. I traveled to Cordoba, Argentina in August 2003, to become a licensed EMF practitioner. I met Carol in that workshop and she looked very physically paralyzed from her left side of the body but she carried a remarkable expanded light and enthusiasm. I started the training and chose her to practice phase I. Her role was to be the therapist and I had an amazing extraordinary experience. She had to use her left hand since she was not able to move it physically. She did it ethereally with her intention. I had my eyes closed on the massage table and could feel her powerful ethereal hand underneath my chest. By the end of the 7 days training all the 36 participants saw Carol move and heal as if she never had a stroke before. Paola Acosta EMF Professional Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rosario Brea: Inner Child Healing Seminar, Karma Healing
I would like to share with you my learning experience through Rev. Carol Perry’s Seminars. I attended some of her seminars and they where very helpful. I embodied a lot of new knowledge and experienced a NEW WAY OF GROWING IN EVERY DAY LIFE. THE MESSAGES SHE CHANNELS DURING HER EVENTS ARE AMAZING AND FOR EVERYONE NOT TO MISS THEM! I want to thank you, Carol, for giving me so much of yourself in every workshop. Please keep being available for me and others for the journey with you is marvelous! Rosario Brea Los Ángeles USA
Rusa Bass: Karma Healing Session
I have known Carol for 2 years and I so much have appreciated her healing sessions. Her love, commitment to allow me to explore my own strength, shadow has allowed me to grow and be grounded on my own journey/process. Carol’s love, dedication and capacity of non-judgment and lightness I truly recommend to you as a path to take if you have a desire to learn about energy work, being detached of your old stories, assessments and break the cycle of habitual patterns. Rusa Bass Ventura, CA USA
Lic. Susana Buscaglia: Healer Teacher, Energy Balancer
Carol Perry is a wonderful healer and I have had several experiences while we just talked over the phone. She infuses me with love energy, warmth, and vitality and I start feeling good again. This testimonial is for all the times she called me over the phone, and when she starts talking to me I feel something changing within me and I start feeling positive. I also want to give a testimonial regarding the Energy Balancer. I have to admit I was very skeptical at the beginning and now every time I use it something good starts happening, almost immediately. I get a call from a new client or I get new energies and wisdom to face my issues. The same happens with my patients (I am a psychologist). I use the Energy Balancer with them. When they step into my office for their session the first thing they say is: Are you going to use the Energizer on me today? I hope that with this trust and confidence together with other testimonials Carol will be able to continue with her magnificent mission of helping others in this life time. Thank you, and thank you Carol for being part of my lifes journey. Lic. Susana Buscaglia Psychologist Brain Gym Teacher Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teresa Krueger: Sick with the Flu Healing, Energy Balancer
Dear Carol, I want to share with you my experience of your energy balancing light. At the time Kurt brought the lamp home, our son, Narayan, had been sick with the flu for 6 days. I had tried numerous natural remedies to bring down the fever – with moderate success. On the evening Kurt brought the light home, I checked Narayans temperature – he had a fever of 101.5. I spent 15 minutes scanning his body about 18 above him, using the light as a magic wand across his body. I took the reading again, 100º. My thermometer was not working! I kept checking his temperature – 100º. After numerous checks – I had to accept that the thermometer was working AND so was the light! The next morning, Narayan looked like a different child! He announced that he was 80% better. I was so grateful for the magic of the energy balancing light! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Teresa Krueger Kagel Canyon, CA
Vincent J. Vaiano: Healer Teacher Liberator
This is my testimony: Also, I am stating here and now that working with Carol Perry and her Spirit Guides opened me up to remembering that which I had forgotten. After working with her and her Guides, my anger was completely released, and my life altered in a fashion that allowed me to create that which I desired most for my self and my life. I would recommend Carol Perry to any one who would like to redesign their life and/or their relationships to live in peace, harmony, and abundance. Vincent J. Vaiano Psychic Counselor/ Life Coach California USA
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