Take Control of your life be in your Power


Product Description

“Healing and Releasing the victim and Helplessness within You”

This healing will occur during the 75-minute private session via telephone or Skype for a $125.00 donation. An MP3 recording is included in the session. This healing session will include:  
  • Heal, forgive and release all the unresolved karmic issues that activate and increase the victim patterns, archetypes and subpersonalities.
  • Heal, forgive and release all the unresolved karmic issues that cause a lack of power and decision making in the present.
  • Cancel and release all forms of victim contracts and memories.
  • Gain the freedom from old patterns to get love and attention through victimizing yourself and woundology.
  • Open up to deserving to be in your power.
  • Step into your truth and release the fear of using your power.Deprogram and release victim and slavery implants and devices, models, patterns and behaviors.
  • We will let go of all that you have accepted as your distorted, bipolar and victim reality, together with memories from your own past and your blood legacy.We will practice gratitude and create new, healthy models.
  • We will settle the base for a new life that is free of submission, dependence and not being good enough.
You may take the opportunity for another session if you want to heal at a deeper level. I am not a medical doctor but a healer in the energy fields.I read and release unresolved past dense issues.  This healing does not REPLACE THE SERVICES OF a medical PROFESSIONAL if you are seeing one.Rev. Carol Perry


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