Step Over Duality, your way into Mastery


Product Description

“Healing and Integrating Duality and Releasing the Illusion within You”

This healing will occur during the 75-minute private session via telephone or Skype for a $125.00 donation. An MP3 recording is included in the session. Welcome to wholeness and integration by:  
  • Activating God Signature Cell Healing.
  • Deprogram toxic memories and activate your pineal gland and thymus gland.
  • Understand the opposites to balance.
  • Heal, forgive and dissolve separation between left and right, feminine and masculine.
  • Understand the role of ego and divinity at brain level. Allow the corpus colossum to become more flexible. Create interaction between the left and right brain hemisphere.
  • Heal, forgive and release all unresolved karmic issues that cause separation, competition and power issues between polarities.
  • Remember and practice to magnetize the polarities so as to create neutrality.
  • Understand the dance of the polarities at personality and emotional level. Create long lasting balance within polarities.
  • Magnetize all dense emotions into neutrality.
  • Use the power of conquering duality in your affirmations and co-creations.
  • Cancel and release all forms of duality contracts and memories.
  • Gain the freedom from old duality, suffering, patterns and bipolarity behavior.
  • Release and heal fear of separation, ego illusions and human duality thought matrix.
  • Deprogram and release duality and separation implants and devices, models, patterns and behaviors.
  • We will let go of all that you have accepted as our distorted bipolar reality, together with memories from your own past and your blood legacy.
  • We will practice gratitude and create new, healthy, neutral and balanced models.
  • We will settle the base for a new way of being present in life, free of emotional outbursts, bipolarity, pain and old ways of being.
  • Activate the balance between left and right, upper and lower within our physical heart.
You may take the opportunity for another session if you want to heal at a deeper level. I am not a medical doctor but a healer in the energy fields.I read and release unresolved past dense issues.  This healing does not REPLACE THE SERVICES OF a medical PROFESSIONAL if you are seeing one. Rev. Carol Perry


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