Rainbow Chakras Alignment Picture


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Rainbow Picture

This gloss paper Image Size: 11.7 in X 8.3 in

Has the color of the 7 chakras and along with each color there is an alignment for all our energy system. After practicing this Daily Alignment during 21 days on a row without interrupting the sequence, you will be able just to look at the image and get self-aligned.

Ideal to hang were you can see it at night and morning and at your working space. It will help you stay centered, focus clear your energies and magnify them. It will provide grounding and Divine connection as well. Will balance and integrate your polarities and guide you to co-create a better day.

This Daily Practice Alignment is a technique Rev. Carol Perry has been developing in the past years. You can also find this practice in her Daily Prayers Meditation’s CDs.


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