Manifesting Prosperity and Releasing Poverty Patterns


Product Description

“Healing and Releasing Ancestors in the Economic Area.”

This healing will occur during the 75-minute private session via telephone or Skype for a $125.00 donation. An MP3 recording is included in the session.

Feminine Side

  • Deprogram the feeling of not being better than your mother’s decree, procrastination, guilt; distorted patterns and models.
  • Healing and releasing all that is not allowing you to manifest and complete your financial projects and freedom.

Masculine Side

  • Deprogram the inabilityto make decisions and to move forward.  Release and heal blockages and impediments to economic success.
  • Cancelling and releasing poverty contracts and memories. Gain the freedom from failure and poverty slavery in all areas.
  • Deprogramming and releasing implants and devices of lack of metamorphosis, conscious and unconscious blockages and limitations for not understanding our parent’s success.
  • We will let go of all that we accepted as our distorted reality in the economic area, and our blood legacy.
  • We will activate abundance and reconnect with the source of all abundance and understanding that it is our birth right.
  • We will practice gratitude and open to abundance to all four directions.
  • We will settle the bases for a new present life that is free of scarcities, and other limitations.
  • We will start the economic freedom that is full of expectations ready to manifest in the future.

You may take the opportunity for another session if you want to heal at a deeper level.

I am not a medical doctor but a healer in the energy fields.I read and release unresolved past dense issues.  This healing does not REPLACE THE SERVICES OF a medical PROFESSIONAL if you are seeing one.

Rev. Carol Perry

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  1. :

    Querida Carol,

    Obviamente no puedo describir con palabras el cambio que ha sucedido en mi vida desde que te conocí. Parte de el puede verse desde afuera por la gente que me rodea y parte la vivencio Yo día a día Feliz y gradecida de que nos hayamos re-encontrado y re-conocido en esta vida. Tus talleres me han ayudado a “recordar” y acercarme más a mi Esencia Divina, como Trabajadora de la Luz, de ayudar a los que vienen a mí. El 16 de Diciembre del 2005 oficiaste con mucho amor como Rev. Carol (Ministra) casándonos a mi y mi esposo en una bellísima y profunda ceremonia bendecida por Dios! Ceremonia en la que nos sanamos y abrimos al amor mi esposo y yo. Honrada me siento porque sos mi Maestra Guía y amiga!

    Luz Alvarez Roldan
    Buenos Aires

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