Manifesting Love and Healthy Relationships – Parts I & II


Product Description

“Healing and Releasing Ancestors in the Love Area.”

This healing will occur during two separate 75-minute private sessions via telephone or Skype for a $125.00 donation. An MP3 recording is included in the session.

The first healing session will include:

  • Acknowledging your inner-child and child-self.
  • Activating the pineal gland and the thymus.
  • Releasing and healing child-self toxic memories.
  • Releasing and healing the shame, guilt, slavery energy, criticism and other restrictions to create freedom from the past.
  • Acknowledging our inner-parents models, patterns, projections, wounds, belief systems, set of values and other issues.
  • Healing and forgiving our parents, healing triangles in the relationship conspiracy and betrayel, the illusion of separation and competition. Releasing these issues and replacing them with love from the old models of inner-parents, godparents, grandparents and others.
  • Cancelling and releasing failure in love contracts and memories.
  • We will practice gratitude and opening up to love in all four directions.
The second healing session will include:  
  • Acknowledging our masculine and feminine aspects and forces.
  • Healing the balancing and weaving them together through energy practice and co-creations.
  • Reshaping your feminine and masculine aspects in perfect balance, releasing blockages and the illusion of separation.
  • Merging in love and communicating with your inner-child and child-self.
  • Learning to replace toxic memories with love, joy, ecstasies, trust and others.
  • We will practice gratitude and open the door to love in all four directions.

You may take the opportunity for another session if you want to heal at a deeper level.

I am not a medical doctor but a healer in the energy fields.I read and release unresolved past dense issues.  This healing does not REPLACE THE SERVICES OF a medical PROFESSIONAL if you are seeing one.

Rev. Carol Perry


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