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This water has already been activated and infused with love and energized with crystals. The water will respond to your healing intention. Below you have a list of some the uses and benefits:
  •  It can be used to clear energies in the house or office, in plants, animals, people and where ever you spray it.
  • It will expand the auric field of the person when spraying around the body and releasing the feeling of depletion and depression.
  • It can also dissolve the pain right after it was created if sprayed immediately and the person is ready to let it go.
  • It will clean the skin and activate de-cellular consciousness helping the skin to regenerate.
  • By using it over the skin regularly, soft exfoliation will happen and will balance the terrain, diminishing wrinkles; the skin will appear younger and more radiant.
  • When used on a scar it will assist in circulation restoration and help the skin to reconstruct. Spraying on any skin surface will restore balance, reducing itching and dryness.
  • When used on a plant it will eliminate toxins and balance all meridians.
  • When spraying in the mouth it will open the throat chakra and expand the communication skills.
  • When used on the chakras it will expand the chakras and help the flow of the energy in all the systems.
  • In healing and transformational process it can help the emotional body to go through the releasing of old energies.
  • When spraying over food it can energize and clear all negative energies. It can eliminate diaper rash.

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    This water provides protection from negative entities and negative energies from the lowest level up to the highest dimensions. It provides protection for our spiritual endeavors. I use the spray every day for my home, office, when I travel, in doing healings and for myself. It is a blessing for any area.

    Kele Marcus
    Huntington Beach, CA

  2. :

    Hi Carol, I want to thank you and your connection to God for the clearing water that you created. You are so gifted and are an amazing child of God. The water has such purifying effect on the skin after applying. It is refreshing to have the water clear and moisten the flesh. It awakens the pores and helps wash away toxins. I used it every day and my skin felt softer and renewed. I want everyone to know what they will receive from this special water.

    Thank you so much for the love, light, and energy that this water possesses. Thank you for inspiring me, and the healings that we have shared together. You have touched my life with love, light and care. You have so much to offer others. It is an honor to share my life with you on our journey together. You are truly a treasure and blessing in my life.

    Your dearest friend
    Connie, Lady Light

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    Esta agua te protege de energía negativa y de entidades de nivel bajo. Te apoya en tu crecimiento espiritual. Uso el “Clearing Water” todos los días en mi casa, mi oficina, cuando viajo. La uso siempre que realizo sanaciones a otros y a mi misma. Es una bendición para el área que la recibe.

    Kele Marcus
    Huntington Beach

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