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A new experience in healing!

This healing will occur during a 45-minute private session for a $77 donation and can be delivered via telephone, Skype or in person. I recommend a set of 3 sessions. Treat yourself with 3 sessions and get a 5 minute karma counseling reading for free.

Signature Cell Healing is a transformational healing experience bringing expanded levels of light and love to the very core of your being. It focuses energy on the “Signature Cell” or God cell, held deeply within the pineal gland. This cell holds the memory of your original blueprint and cellular perfection. Once activated, the Signature Cell will begin to communicate with each cell consciousness within the body, creating a wave of healing and a return to optimum health in all realms of the four-body system: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The four-body system is the method by which we bring ourselves as particle light into the densest form of being human.  When we are consciously aware of this four body system, we are able to weave them together to maintain a sense of complete balance and connection to divine presence. If we are unaware or choose to ignore any of these bodies, then imbalance and or “disease” may occur within the system.

I am a Certified Practitioner and Teacher in the Signature Cell Healing Technique. I welcome you in love and light and encourage you to experience a session. In order for you to realize the incredible and profound power that this process has to bring about, it has to be experienced in your own body.

Every person is on a different and unique journey. As a medium, I channel the love, guidance and the tools to help others. When someone comes to me with a physical problem, I use my love, my light and vibration to help all the cells, DNA and cellular consciousness to remember their Divine origin. I also bring karma healing, release and liberation from the rest of the bodies. I go to the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. I bring healing to all those situations and all existences where the issue was created so we can heal it, deprogram it remove it and let it go. It is a beautiful journey of love, compassion, mercy and glory.

I also share the toools and knowledge so one can continue to use them. This process is about empowering others and bringing forth their one knowledge and self-healing abilities.

I feel very blessed for being able to hear the Spirit and help others and myself as well.

For more information about God Signature Cell Healing, you can visit the section about Carol Perry by Kirael.

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I am not a medical doctor but a healer in the energy fields.I read and release unresolved past dense issues.  This healing does not REPLACE THE SERVICES OF a medical PROFESSIONAL if you are seeing one.

Rev. Carol Perry

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    Carol showed me a door that I always knew existed, but never really knew how to open. Through Carol’s healing sessions and teachings. I have learned how to connect with my Higher Self, my Divine Spiritual beings and I have learned how balance and heal my multidimensional Self with the assistance of the Angelic Realm. I truly recommend Carols work to anyone who is interested in spiritual enlightenment and in the ascension process.

    Eduardo Alarcon
    Miami, FL

  2. :

    Conocí a Carol Perry a través de mi amiga medica y psiquíatra que me invito al curso de la Magia Angelica de Sanación de 11 reuniones (ella también participo).

    Participe de un grupo maravilloso de 7 personas y aprendí a sanarme quemaduras en el preciso instante en el que ocurren. Carol me ayudo a confiar en mí misma, a poder meterme hacia mi interior y estar abierta hacia lo sutil ampliando la conciencia. El seminario termino en Julio del 2004, hubiéramos tomado mas reuniones pero ella se mudo. Sin embargo, la energía de crecimiento quedo instaurada en el grupo que nos seguimos reuniendo y a veces Carol nos llama cuando estamos reunidos para darnos mas regalos y deberes. Recomiendo el curso de la magia porque es un viaje hacia adentro de uno mismo y hacia el misterio de quien en verdad somos. Además de aprender con amor y Humor.

    Mi eterna gratitud a Carol. Aprendí a bajar en canal a la formula de flores de Bach y obro milagros, ya que la Divinidad de mis clientes me indica que es lo que la persona necesita en ese preciso instante, cabe destacar que la Divinidad ve el pasado el presente y la tendencia al futuro. Aprendi a enraizarme y a alinearme ademas de carear la disciplina de ordenarme completamente y poder transmitírsela en efecto multiplicador a aquellas personas que están en contacto conmigo.

    Ma. Eugenia Lorea
    ENFERMERA Profesional;
    Psicóloga social
    Profesional de rebirthing

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