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This set of 6 CD’s was developed to assist you in building a discipline in daily alignments with your true self. I offer these to continue your personal transformation so we co-create a new reality for you. These assist in creating a new life, free of fear, full of joy and overflowing with the infinite possibilities of your individuality.

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    Thank you so much for your CD’s. I use them daily to bring me back to balance and serenity, no matter my state of mind. They are an amazing and valuable tool in my life and I am so grateful for your healing in my life.

    Kathleen Reynolds

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    Since the day I met Carol, she has always shared her wisdom, knowledge and has given me lots of love. My ex husband and I had never had a good relationship. He won custody of our daughter and has always tried to separate me from her. This creates a lot of pain, sorrow and guilt for me. When I learned that he was taking our daughter out of the country, he would not permit me to go to the airport to say goodbye or even provide a phone number where she could be reached. I was emotionally devastated. I called Carol for help and she totally shook my world! She explained karma and the mechanism of creating our lessons. She showed me the discourse of my own helpless attitude and gave me her Spanish CD (as a gift!) so that I could work on my karma. I also received directions in using the CDs to heal the relationship with my ex. I followed her direction and suggestions and got immediately results. It was amazing! The following day, not only did my ex allow me to go to the airport; the three of us even had lunch together at the airport! My daughter received the gift of seeing us at peace and in harmony. Her happiness touched my heart. Carol, thank you for being my Master, my Teacher, and for helping me to remember. I always carry your CD with me and am forever appreciative for your help.

    Isadora R. Brillaud
    Redondo Beach

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    Is my wish that everyone who reads this testimony feels the Divine presence of God within and allows their spiritual evolution. I met Carol Perry on August 12th, 2006. I was among 80 participants at a seminar she gave in Cordoba, Argentina. In prior months, I had been experiencing pain in the back of my spine and was open to new wisdom and unconventional solutions. After the seminar, my pain disappeared! (I did not realize it, but I believe that my Divinity had guided me to that seminar.) Four months later, my beloved husband passed away. Carol called unexpectedly that same day and helped me connect with the higher light and forces so I could dissolve the anger, pain, and anxiety within my heart. She helped me to find the strength to face all the changes yet to come. I am so grateful to Carol for being present in my life during my difficult period, for opening my mind to new wisdom, for seeing life with more clarity and also for connecting me with wonderful people. With her alignments she has touched my everyday life, which now unfolds with harmony and balance. I perform her recommended exercises with the help of her CDs in the morning or evenings along with the pictures and papers she has provided. Many are the events that connect us with our Higher Self! Mine is just a brief testimony. If one knows how to watch, one can see a universe of energy moving and synchronizing with one thought form.

    Cristina Elsa Borghetti
    Ciudad de Córdoba

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    For over 5 years now I have sought the assistance of healers in the journey of my son, which opened the door for my own path to healing to begin. We have worked with dozens of people around the country in a multitude of modalities. Carol is in a class of her own, I find her that clarity and light shine through so powerfully. She has a way of focusing in on the heart of the matter very quickly and then lovingly offering you an insight that makes all the difference. I find her vibration holds me and even bridges me: from where I sit in confusion- to a place of deeper understanding and healing. I purchased Carols energy CDs and LOVE them! I listen to them almost daily and even when I am rushed, they always help me to so beautifully connect and find my center. The exercises are each very unique and Carols voice is so soothing to hear. If I skip a day I find I really miss it.

    Dhalia Frydman
    Los Angeles

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    Carol helped me understand the healing power that lives within me. She’s an awaken being and she has plenty of love
    and light to share. After practicing her guided meditations I feel much more connected to the life force!.

    Daniela Ardalla
    Yoga instructor
    Los Angeles, CA

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    Amanda Mayen: Daily Prayers Meditation CD

    The daily prayers contained in Carol’s CD’s will lift your spirits if you practice with a sincere heart. I’ve seen big and little miracles ever since I began aligning myself with my own intuitive powers and with the magic behind Carol’s soothing voice. The CD’s are enabling me to heal myself and to radiate that love to others.

    Amanda Mayen
    Los Angeles

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