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CD – Healing Chants 1: The Beginning


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Rev. Carol Perry is a licensed energy practitioner and an authority in the developing field of healing and transformation through the conscious raising of vibrational frequency. In the process of her journey of healing herself, Carol connected to the Angelical World, to the 7th Dimension Realm and the Akashic records to channel the healing codes she is sharing in this English/Spanish CD. Carol shares her wisdom and healing vibration through these healing codes in the form of chants. Her vibration of love will assist you to touch peace and heal yourself. May these chants heal you and assist you in your journey… Healing Chants 1 The Beginning. Is the beginning of an inner transformation from fear to love. This set of chants will bring forth the energies and guidance to let go of the past; to heal unresolved ancestors issues to heal the emotional body and others… Healing Chants 1 Audio Sample

ISBN: 978-0-9820597-3-9 0-9820597-3-6


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