Carol and Pepper Lewis

carol_pepperYou are introduced to the questions and the answers I received from Gaia, Mother Earth, at the Kryon’s conference in Mount Shasta from June, 2005 and 2006.
You can also read the script of the questions and answers.

Carol Q:

BELOVED GAIA, 7 years ago I was told Mother Earth was going to teach me how to walk again in my left side, how can I reconnect my left side and how can I use your power and your wisdom. Is there anything you want from me and what can I do for you.

Gaia’s answer:

Gaia’s power and Gaia’s wisdom is derived from you; it would seem to you that I would have that which I could impart to you. It will astound to you that all that is Gaia comes from humanity and from all the others kingdoms. You see? Truly I have nothing to offer to you. Other than that which is the now. Now the left side of your being sweet; so that you could be very clear, was in another life as if ignored not physically but in how you used the energy available from the left hemisphere of your brain so one pointed were you in that life, that the choices became so few and the words became fewer and the experiences that you call upon that much less. Now in this life let us be very very clear. This is the body that you choused above all other bodies that were available for you to choose from. You said in your knowingness and in all of the wisdom that you have gathered at all times:

“I will choose this and I will honor it and I will uncover its wisdom and I will hold dear the left and the right and the upper and the lower and the dimensional. I will look and see what is within my being ness and I will see it as clearly as I look and see what is within the earth and within the hearts of all those that look upon me. And I will hold this body and its wisdom as Dear above all. And from it, I will become wisdom itself. I will create a bridge between the left and the right, and the upper and the lower and the inner and the outer”.

That is what Gaia does as well. Gaia’s centums looks to the east and the west of the world and to the north and to the south; to all of the people with in and with out and says these most be wisdom because these is what they are choosing; these most be evolution because I am bound duty bound to honor it. And to follow it and to hold it as Dear and only wisdom can do that. And only love can hold that much caution of vibration. That is why I, sweet, honor you, as my teacher as my guide for if you tolerate your left side then I tolerate as well what is difficult to bear upon the earth as we have said as well, as you will buried your burdens I will buried mines and we will be as one; partners and stools complete in every moment. Shall we be partners then?

It is a bargain them from my heart to yours.

Indeed Dear so be it.

I do honor you!

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