Who’s Carol

Who am I ?

carol_who I call myself a facilitator/healer. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 1, 1955 @ 9:35 AM. My mother is French and my father is from an American family. We are a big family. My first teachers were my parents who helped me to become who I am and they prepared me for the road I would have to take later on as my own election formy life.

In the mother and father legacy I had always imagined “that I can”, which was also a great teaching lesson.

In 1982 I started with my company with language services until 2004.

Since my childhood I have always wanted to go to Egypt. In 1988 I was able to make it happen. Going around all those energetical centers, I waked my ancient memories. I got back in touch with symbols and touches which awakened the symbols of my new needs and passion.

In 1992 I had the first big revelation. Thanks to the Connie Mendez and Emmet Fox books about metaphysics. After that, I started the way of my spiritual studies. After that the work with the body came through , utiny (mind body connection), meditation, transcendal meditation. Together in alchemy, with all the written material I had studied on my own plus the study of neurolinguistical programming (NLP) and ontology of language that made me deeply closer and closer to who we are.

In 1988 in the search of self physical healing I attended two healing seminars with Harold Moscowitz, soon after that I got in touch with the manual of Pleiadian exercises of light. I learned to flow energy with greater vitality than ever.

It’s from here that I start Cleaning and Releasing in myself things that I never suspected that I carried with me.

carol_leeAll these inspirations in the year 2001 thanks to the master Kryon and his book # 5. After reading this book everything happily started to make sense and to get wholeness and integration. During the following year I included all the Kryon information in my transformation work shops.

In 2004 I let go of my business so I was able to fully connect with my divine work and plan.

This Divine work, through my facilitation, allows me to reveal the truth to others which allows them to choose their spiritual path.

Showing people their truth, is the way I take for the people who come to me, therefore, I call myself a “facilitator”

I am actually doing this through seminars, through courses of the healing magic of the angels (for therapists and doctors), work shop of transmutation and transformations and work shops of co-creation (in group, in families, and with individuals). I am an EMF balancing technique therapist, so I give the phases and others. Personally and through video conference and phone contact.

I am living in Los Angeles, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am designing who we are in an ongoing process. Who we were is that we are constantly transforming it for creating a future with more possibilities.

carol_lee_kahuIt is teaching and sharing the wisdom with others where we learn most. So here I am sharing who I am so who I will be is an ongoing design in process, because our biology and energetic system are in permanent change and the only thing that remains stable is infinity.

I know I open the way for others and this I have chosen before birth. It is wonderful to be on earth at this time having access to the new energy. I also know that it is very hard for those who are still in the old energy, the duality, the fear and paying karmic debts. To all of you I am here available to help you get out of the suffering and co-creating a new reality free of fear, full of expectations and with enough abundance to cover your necessities, obligations and wishes.

Actually all the ways are merging. Follow the call from your heart when the time to choose what to read and what to do, and do not let anybody to impose you any way. The ascension process is individual but you can share the journey with others for all the time you choose to. The master and wisdom are within each of all of us. Every time we have more options and possibilities so please use your own discernment trusting the wisdom of your heart while deciding your ongoing road.

All the light under glory for your way. God bless Namaste.

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